Lex Products introduces the TRUE1 Tee Power Distribution System

The TRUE1 Tee™ is the keystone to creating configurable, single-circuit portable power distribution systems. With Neutrik® powerCON TRUE1® extensions, the TRUE1 Tee™ allows power to pass through a molded housing while energizing a connector on an 18” tail. TRUE1 Tee™ also serves as an adapter to power devices not part of the TRUE1 series. Using 12/3 SJOOW cable, the rugged overmold design creates a strong bond between the cable and connections.

“Combine the reliability and ruggedness of EverGrip®, the dispersion of powerCON TRUE1 in the market with the configurability of TRUE1 Tee™ and you have a creative means of addressing power distribution needs well into the future”. Commented Lex Products Entertainment Market Manager, Pat O’Keefe.

For more information, visit www.lexproducts.com or call 1-800-643-4460.