Ovide Smart New Products at Cine Gear Atlanta

This year, Ovide’s road show includes Cine Gear Atlanta and here is where they have chosen to introduce, for first time in America, their new systems:

· Ovide Smart DMT One: This system reads almost any card or camera disk to transform and process RAW clips to the chosen format. DMT One also copies, audits and inspects clip’s quality.

· Ovide Smart Stream: This system streams live or playback clips to iPads and iPhones. Each iOS device linked to the Smart Stream has an independent access to the clips no matter what the other linked devices are playing. 

Both new systems are not video assist systems, instead, they add useful semi-automatic actions designed to enhance on set workflow. Both of them follow Ovide Smart philosophy as they are powered by QTAKE, have Ovide’s own property electronics, are manufactured with high quality materials and have standard measures to mount in racks. 

Both of them are on pre-production stage but customers can pre-order now, as first units will be delivered by the end of the year.

On the other hand, Ovide will be showing both of their successful systems:

· Ovide Smart Evo+: Ovide’s most popular video assist system, now upgraded. Both versions, 4 Evo+ (4 in / 12 out) and 2 Evo+ (2 in / 6 out) have now a better GPU and CPU, with even lower power consumption and they are also tougher.

· Ovide Smart Dock: A level-entry equipment that transforms your Apple computer into a fully equipped video assist system with 2 inputs and 6 outputs.

After Cine Gear Atlanta, Ovide Smart will keep on with their tour showcasing their systems on tradeshows such as Inter BEE (Tokyo, November), MicroSalon Madrid (November), BSC (London, January) and many more. 

Moreover, QTAKE entry-level lessons and QCP (QTAKE Certificate Program) exams can be done on demand.


Ovide Smart DMT One

Ovide Smart Assist 4 Evo+ 

Ovide Smart Dock

Ovide Smart Stream