Film Series Finalists

The Film Series at Cine Gear Expo

A Tribute to the Visual Art of Filmmaking will comprise screenings of films based on their illumination of the visual art forms in filmmaking, such as cinematography, art design, set and costume design, and will also feature a Student Short Film Competition, the Independent Short Film Competition, and the Music Video and Commercial Competition. The winner in each category will receive one of the Production Prize Packages.

The visual art forms of filmmaking are as integral to a film as the script, direction and performances. Cine Gear Expo’s mission has always been to serve this community of film and video industry professionals by providing them the opportunity to see the newest, cutting-edge equipment; to learn about new production services; and, to catch up with peers in a relaxing and social environment. “We feel that it is a natural evolution for Cine Gear Expo to introduce a Film Series and Film Competition to honor these artisans and technicians,” explains Karl Kresser, President of Cine Gear Expo. “We are receiving a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and support from the industry, and look forward to establishing The Film Series as a permanent part of Cine Gear Expo.”

10 Indy Short Finalists

In the Night -
Director: Joshua Erkman
Producers: Joshua Erkman, Leigh Myles
Writer: Joshua Erkman
Cinematographer: Elie Smolkin

Director: Will Blank
Producer: Casey Fenton
Writer: Richard Kaponas
Cinematographer: Alejandro Wilkins

Fragile Storm -
Director: Dawn Fields
Producers: Dawn Fields, Debbie Rankin, Kelly Raymer, James Popiden, Tina Carbone
Writers: Dawn Fields, Carly Street
Cinematographer: Yaron Levy

Monsters -
Director: Steve Desmond
Producers: Michael Sherman, Aaron Billet, Ryan Lewis, Joe Russo
Writers: Steve Desmond & Michael Sherman
Cinematographer: Curtis Sherman

Strangers In The Park -
Director: Gabriel De Santiago
Producers: Beto Angulo, Matthew M Stevens, Gabriel De Santiago
Writer: Gabriel De Santiago
Cinematographer: Alex Pollini

Baggage -
Director: Johnny Healy
Producers: Linda Morel, Shade Kelly, Johnny Healy
Writer: Cheryl McRae
Cinematographer: Andrew Lemon

Gumshoe and Stiletto -
Director: Matt Steinauer
Producers: Ming Lai, Brian Sheesley, Matt Steinauer
Writer: Matt Steinauer
Cinematographer: Dilip Isaac

Hala -
Director: Minhal Baig
Producers: Constanza Castro, Sara Nassim
Writer: Minhal Baig
Cinematographer: Benjamin Dell

The Eliminadora -
Director: PJ Gaynard
Producers: PJ Gaynard, Ana Renteria, Jesus Renteria, Anne Grauso, Amanda Hart, Deven MacNair
Writers: PJ Gaynard, Jesus Renteria
Cinematographer: Steve Carter

Nano -
Director: Mike Manning
Producers: Wesley Barker
Writers: Mike Manning & Tom Anderson
Cinematographer: Kevin Zanit

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10 Commercials / Music Video Finalists

Fickle Friends "Crybaby" -
Director: Brother Willis
Producer: Russel Sanzgiri
Cinematographer: Devin Doyle

CR7 Underwear Commercial - 
Director: Joel Gill
Producer: Joel Gill
Writer: Joel Gill
Cinematographer: Joel Gill

SOHN - Signal -
Director: Milla Jovovich
Cinematographer: Vern Nobles Jr

"Relentless" by Slayer -
Director: BJ McDonnell
Producer: Felissa Rose
Writer: BJ McDonnell
Cinematographer: Eric Leach

These Are My Boots -
Director: Nico Johnston
Producer: Kristin Graham
Writer: Nico Johnston
Cinematographer: Tarik Hameedi

Dominic Balli - "Hope" (Official Music Video) -
Director: Tony Cruz
Producers: Dominic Balli, Cody Joens
Cinematographers: Jefferson Henson, Tony Cruz

"Let Them Fall" - Arcane Station feat. Marianne Hekkilæ -
Director: Christopher Meyers
Producers: Christopher Meyers, Wayne Hann and Wyeth Taylor
Writers: Christopher Meyers, Wayne Hann and Wyeth Taylor
Cinematographer: Derek Johnson

Black Wave -
Director: Jeremy Cole
Cinematographer: Harvey Glen
Production Designer: Mary Florence Brown
Prod Company: Destroy All Entertainment
Interscope Records

Coca Cola 1944 -
Director: Jeff Jingle
Producer: Jeff Jingle
Writer: Jeff Jingle
Cinematographer: Patrick McGraw

Cell Biology by MindMuzic -
Director: K-BACH
Producer: K-BACH
Writer: K-BACH
Cinematographer: K-BACH

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7 Student Short Finalists

Manners of Dying -
School: American Film Institute Conservatory
Director: Bo-You Niou
Producer: Jeremy Chang
Writer: Cade Loven
Cinematographer: Jessica Pantoja

Icarus -
School: Chapman University
Director: Tom Teller
Producer: Michelle Evans
Writers: Tom Teller & Andrew Guastaferro
Cinematographer: Nico Aguilar

Death in a Day -
School: Chapman University
Director: Lin Wang
Producers: Lauren Brooks & Michael Sainz
Writer: Lin Wang
Cinematographer: Matthew Tanner

Lockdown -
School: American Film Institute
Director: Max Sokoloff
Producer: Jane Hollon
Writer: Daisygreen Webster
Cinematographer: Caleb Heller

No Way Back -
School: American Film Institute Conservatory
Director: Michael Kongshaug
Producer: Feras Alfuqaha
Writers: Eileen Shim, Michael Kongshaug
Cinematographer: Yoni Klein

Zaire -
School: The London Film School
Director: Joshua Benson
Producer: Erin Phipps
Writer: George Kellock
Cinematographer: Alex Grigoras

The Fare -
School: American Film Institute Conservatory
Director: Santiago Paladines
Producer: Ken Morris
Writer: Santiago Paladines
Cinematographer: Rasa Partin

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