Film Series Finalists

The Film Series at Cine Gear Expo

A Tribute to the Visual Art of Filmmaking will comprise screenings of films based on their illumination of the visual art forms in filmmaking, such as cinematography, art design, set and costume design, and will also feature a Student Short Film Competition, the Independent Short Film Competition, and the Music Video and Commercial Competition. The winner in each category will receive one of the Production Prize Packages.

The visual art forms of filmmaking are as integral to a film as the script, direction and performances. Cine Gear Expo’s mission has always been to serve this community of film and video industry professionals by providing them the opportunity to see the newest, cutting-edge equipment; to learn about new production services; and, to catch up with peers in a relaxing and social environment. “We feel that it is a natural evolution for Cine Gear Expo to introduce a Film Series and Film Competition to honor these artisans and technicians,” explains Karl Kresser, President of Cine Gear Expo. “We are receiving a tremendous amount of enthusiasm and support from the industry, and look forward to establishing The Film Series as a permanent part of Cine Gear Expo.”

6 Indy Short Finalists

Director: Caleb Slain
Producers: Eric Machiela, Keita Yamamura
DP: Drew Dawson

Director: Dinh Thai
Producers: Brian Burgett
DP: Adriaan Kirchner

Director:Nathan Barnatt
Producer: Nathan Barnatt
DP: Aaron Meister

Director: Nelson Lee
Producers: Jennifer Lee, Mary Pat Bentel
DP: Michael Lockridge

All The Marbles
Director: Michael Swingler
Producers: Carl Petersen, Michael Swingler
DP:Jay Visit

Trust No One
Director: Simon Kassianides
Producers: Simon Kassianides, Aaron Rattner, Mark Wilenkin,
DP: Michael Stine

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8 Commercial / Music Video Finalists

Man in Tie Dye
Director: Dakota Adney
Producer: Dakota Adney
DP: Dakota Adney

JBL - Sound of the Heart
Director: Julian Acosta
Producer: Jared Harris
DP: Sean Bagley

Hundred Handed "Vibe"
Director: John Perry
Producer: Jordan McGraw, Drew Langan, James Perry, Jonathan Angelico, Eric Anthony, Raffe Chouljian
DP: Robert Smith

Slowly - Son Lux
Director: Alex Cook
Producer: Tim Kerigan
DP: Sam Davis

Juan Hoerni feat. Terry Dexter "Say It"
Director: Chris Etheredge
Producer: Juan Hoerni, Chris Etheredge
DP: Jez Theirry

Director: Sam KJ
Producer: Nathan Larimer, Sam KJ, Eli Austin, Michael Belmonte
DP:Nich Musco

Red Rover - Semler (Official Music Video)
Director: Irina Nichita
Producesr: Amir Nikoui
DP's: Mary Ignatova

Only In My Dreams - The Marías
Director: Ian Lipton
Producer: Carlotta Harlan
DP: Ian Lipton

Night Call
Director: Amanda Renee Knox
School: Chapman University
Producer: Miriam Anwari, Phabillia Afflack-Borja
DP: Michael Phillips

It's Just A Gun
Director: Brian Robau
School: Chapman University
Producer: John Sayage

Pitter Patter Goes My Heart
Director: Christoph Rainer
School: Columbia University / Filmakademie Wien
Producer: Elsa Kremser, Mark Szilagyi, Nikolai Gemel
DP: Georg Geutebrueck

Director: Charlie Polinger
School: American Film Institute
Producer: Annick Jaegy
DP: Yair Halper

The Chocolate Soldier
Director: Jackson Smith
School: Dodge College of Film and Media Arts
Producer: Amber Berck
DP: Seannie Bryan

Tabula Rasa
Director: Rosita Lama Muvdi
School: American Film Institute
Producer: Sahhara Assafiri
DP: ByongHoon Jo

Can't Take My Eyes Off You
Director: Gabriele Fabbro
School: New York Film Academy (Los Angeles)
Producer: Massimo Fabbro, Alessandra Torlasco
DP: Brandon Lattman

Tomislavov Dnevnik (Tomislav's Diary)
Director: Wei-Tai LIU
School: New York Film Academy (Los Angeles)
Producers: Peggy CHIAO, Grace CHIAO
DP: Alex U. Griffin

Excuse Me, I'm Looking for the Ping-Pong Room and My Girlfriend
Director: Bernhard Wenger
School: Vienna Filmacademy
Producers: Florian Bayer, Clara Koenig, Bernhard Wenger
DP: Albin Wildner